Monday, March 9, 2009


to work. I really might be.
Everytime I try to do something I itch a little. Then my mind wanders off to better things.
Scrabble on Facebook is indeed classified as better things.
Today on Flickr, I rediscovered a photographer who has caught my eye before.
Steph Goralnick has some great stuff on Flickr.
She made wanderlust return and geve me camera envy (might be kinda like a version of penis envy, but in my case i wish i had her G9 and her waterproof case! Oh, and I do not have penis envy.)
I want her camera and her wicked photography style.

A thought also occurred to me. I am waaay older than I thought I was, yet I don't feel as adult and independent as I would like to be. Example: Most people my age have moved out and travelled to as many places as their poor selves can afford. Cause you gotta do it while you can, right? Now look at my situation. I am dirt poor (even with the job. Maybe I exaggerate. I am one step ahead of a struggling college student) and I have no rent to pay nor do I have kids or outstanding bills and I have never toured Europe or Asia.
I expected to be much more....what's the word to describe this?....worldly and experienced about things and places in general.

I need a trip. An exotic one.