Tuesday, June 15, 2010


How time flies.
So lately, I've just been enjoying the weather and the World Cup. Yeah!
And on I've been trying to sprinkle in some good deeds into my daily routine.
Ome of these god deeds was to help my friend's school out. She's the new director of a nursery school and the school is in bad financial shape.
So they have been holding weekly flea markets to raise money just to paint the school.
Since I have the time but not the money to help, I decidedto make some goodies so that they can sell them to raise money.
I ended up making several dozen chocolate chip cookies and some rice krispy treats. Even had time to experiment with a new recipe for Chocolate Chip Oreo Cookies. (I didn't have enough chocolate chips to meet the recipe, so I added in some peanut butter chips.) I'm not sure, but I think people liked these a lot since they went faster than the traditional Chocolate Chip Cookies I made. But why wouldn't you like it? It's a marriage between two awesome cookies! mmmm.

The cookies and snacks ended up raising more than $30 for the kids. We'll start small and go from there. :)