Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Goodbye, Summer. Hello, Fall.

Updates, updates, updates!
Summer has ended, but boy have I been soaking up the summer.
I've been cooking and baking a lot, but failing to have the enthusiasm to take pictures of them.
But, Time at the Table featured my picture and recipe for their September newsletter! (Although my name was misspelled and they are on to their October newsletter, I was excited to see my picture and recipe featured!) I must clarify that the recipe is actual from Anatole's family. And I must thank them for passing this recipe onto us to enjoy.

In reflection, this has been an incredible summer because I have gotten to appreciate food. And by food, I mean fresh food - produce, meat, natural ingredients. I have gotten into a natural food kick, but I must admit, I still have a weakness when it comes to potato chips. I'm working on that though. So feast your eyes on a few of the goodies made this summer, made from all natural ingredients! (and a few of my favorite shots from Vermont.)

cinnamon raisin rolls!

lasagna w/homemade tomato sauce

apple spice muffins

double rainbow!!! in Vermont.

Highest point on Mt. Mansfield, Vermont.

Sunflowers at the Hazendale Farm in Vermont.