Friday, May 8, 2009


So this morning, I was getting ready for another day of mindless, repetitive emails and Facebook Scrabble, when I finally paid attention to this AT&T ad. This guy is awesome.
I am aiming for my next new pair of shoes to be TOMS.

If you didn't know about TOMS, they are a company who makes and sells shoes. For every shoe they sell, they donate one to kids in need.
I am blown away at what this guy has done. This is the type of company I would love to work for.

I haven't been feeling very opinionated or even passionate for much as of late.
This AT&T ad didn't change my life, but it reminded me of how Americans have so much more. We whine about so much, but we have so much more than a majority of the world.
So this is me trying to be positive and trying to minimize the whining.
I'm not always so eco-friendly or so selfless, but I love companies with a mission like TOMS shoes.

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yssi said...

but i see no heels on those sneaks...? jk hope you rock them like a rockstar