Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Beginning

I am picking up 2 lenses that I have rented tonight or tomorrow. 35mm f1.8 and 50mm f2. I will have these puppies for a week and a half. I will be carrying the charger eveywhere so that I can snap away. I really need an 8gb memory card now. :)
Hopefully, I fall madly in love with one of these guys, because the rental guy at Adoroma said the kit lense is not even worth fixing. What does this mean? It means the lense broke because it is made out of crappy plastic. The real good stuff have metal bodies which make them more durable. So there you go, the 18-55mm lense I have now is my new paperweight.

Today is the first day of October. I want to celebrate the end of September because it was a very trying month for me in many ways. I had a rough start this morning, but I'm hoping the September kinks are still making their way out and October will kick September's butt in so many ways.

Cool Stuff. Fun with Photography.

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