Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hungry Much?

Friday, January 22nd was my last day of work. It's been two weeks now.
And I am not ashamed to say that I have been sleeping 10 hours a day and enjoying the time.
This is not as easy as it seems, folks!
Being the self-imposed workaholic that I was, it's quite a bit for me to just sit down.
I still haven't really been able to do that.

What I have been doing a lot is thinking about food.
Must be the lack of mental stimulation, but since I'm just watching some TV or surfing the internet, I find myself being hungry all the time. Then I look for recipes and think of new things I want to make. I'm always thinking about what I can eat next now a days.

This could be the start of an eating addiction, but hopefully the start of some epiphanies about what I want to do next.

Some food porn. Right now, they're pretty dark but I'm researching some tutorials on how to fake good daylight in the kitchen. Cause food looks even more glorious when its all bright. Wait for those to come soon.

1 comment:

yssi said...

you must be so tired from eating and from the endless expanse of free time you have on your hands. let me help by taking some of the food off your shoulders haha ;) nice pix by the way