Monday, September 14, 2009


My last entry was in Mid May. It's nearly the middle of September. Wait! It IS the middle of September. Gees. Time flies when you are doing nothing. Well, not nothing. But a lot of things not things I should be doing to better myself.
What's new on the horizon?
2 weddings coming up. 2 Amys too. My good friend, Ada's sister, Amy is getting married in October and my own sister, Amy is getting married in November.
So I am shopping! for a new lense. How exciting, right?!?! It is for me.
I like archiving moments for people.

I'm thinking of these:

#1 is the 50mm f1.8
#2 is the 35mm f1.8
#3 is the 10-24mm f3.5-4.5
Actually only #1 and #2 are in the running because #3 costs at least $800.00!
I'm doing my homework to find out more.
When I know more about these babies and their capabilities, hopefully I will not be lazy and post about it.
In the meantime, I have been reading up a lot on Ken Rockwell's site. Extremely Helpful.

P.S. Some pcitures from the summer in Vermont.


Goaser Chomp said...

Rockwell's site looks cool but a little confusing for me.

My favorite pictures out of the ones you choose are the bluebearies(lol) and the one with the two buckets. I like the contrast between the flower and the berries you should be proud of that because you purposely put the flower in the bucket. Your becoming so professional! You've got they eye baby!

When it comes to lenses why don't you see which one works better with a faster shutter speed. I think most of the shots you want to take are candid so that should be a factor in your decision making.

iwantmelissasstuff said...

damn, i got way penis envy just now. did i say penis envy? i meant lens envy. i like the 2nd pic best, nice job!