Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Don't Bring Me Down!

I woke up in a great mood. This doesn't happen too often.
Usually the cycle is to bitch, moan, roll around, grunt, bitch some more, roll myself out of bed, and be grumpy all the way to work especially because it's too damn early to deal with people who walk all slow in the subway. Then while at the VoS, I surf the internet and work intermittently.

I came into the office and the sink isn't working, so I have to forgo washing subway grime off my hands or run to the bathroom. (FYI, I nixed the hand washing, because I didn't want to walk down the hall to wash my hands. Don't judge me!)
Then as I was reading my morning emails and the big honcho announces that as saddened as he is by telling us, there will be NO bonus this year. Luckily I already knew through the grapevine or this would've really soured my mood.

Ah well, I'm hear to tell Murphy and all this other bad karma around me, "Don't bring me down!"
Happy Tuesday.


Patrick Francisco said...

THis song immediately started playing in my head after I read the title of your post:


Goaser Chomp said...

Ah babe, Come work for me I'll give you a bonus ;) you just have to be my personal secretary. I'm sorry that your company is hurting from the economy, and you don't get the bonus you deserve. They better give you a good raise!