Monday, December 29, 2008

Year End Slump

2 more days until 2009.
It's been quite a December. But the last week or so has just been zipping by. Zipping by, but not in a productive sort of way. It always makes me kind of grumpy to refelect and know that I haven't been doing more. No motivation to PS lately. Hopefully after the new year, I'll get pumped by all the festivities and new year resolutions to start doing my personal projects again.

Most recently, my only "accomplishment" was that I finished the Twilight Saga. Instead of waiting up for Santa, I was up finishing the fourth and final book, Breaking Dawn. It wrapped up nicely. Needless to say that I was wound up and suffering from Twilight withdrawal.
The whole Christmas day was spent rereading the draft of Midnight Sun and sifting through fan sites and discussion forums. I know, sad isn't it?
On Saturday, I finally got to see the movie. I was in a state of disbelief! How could they screw up the movie so badly? The movie was set at a pace so fast that you couldn't understand where the attraction between Edward and Bella came from. I was prepared for a bad movie, but that was a whole new level of bad. It's true that most movies can't compare to the books they are based on, but it's doable. Harry Potter may lack in certain areas, but the scenes and acting were far better. The Notebook, the movie was (in my opinion) quite comparable to the book (if you like that romance sort of thing). Even the Da Vinci Code movie was good.

I've gone back to reading Twilight again. Just going over the story and trying to figure out what went wrong with the movie. Hahaha. I've gone a bit over the top.

On another note, I want you guys to know I don't live and breath Twilight. I recently saw Che. It wasn't 5 hours. I think it was about 4 1/2 hours. Be warned that it is $18/adult movie ticket since it is technically two movies. It was a long movie and since I am not polished on my Che history, I couldn't fully appreciate it. But it was a pretty good film overall. I'm catching up on my Che knowledge now. Viva la revolucion!

*Edit: Note that Twilight seems to only be liked by those with 2 X chromosomes. If you know any guys who liked Twilight, let me know. Haven't met one yet, so that would be interesting.


yssi said...

omg i'm so excited about che, and freedom road, benjamin button, doubt, milk... viva oscar-vying season!

Goaser Chomp said...

Wtf? I don't get it I thought the Twilight movie was a hit! I mean passion blood vampires teenage angst what else could you ask for in a movie.

Oi said...

M brother actually saw Benjamin Button and Milk. He said they were really great movies. Oh, definitely check out Slumdog millionaire.

The only hit about Twilight are the sexy vampyre characters. The look of disgust and constipation. hahaha. They should've focused more on the sanguine vampires. They're so much deeper. Per se. ;)

Patrick Francisco said...

Always knew you were slumpy. And now I dub thee "Slumpy".

Oi said...

Hey, Pat. It's slumperalla! not slumpy! hahahaha. jk. I am neither. You shall be dubbed slumpy mc slumpster.

Patrick Francisco said...

Happy New Year, Slumpy. And to Mr. Slumpy too.

yssi said...

ooh, constipation... *cat sound* who are the sanguine vampires?

my friend randomly quoted: "Again, the fabric clung to his perfectly muscled chest. It was a colassal tribute to his face that it kept my eyes away from his body."

and i was like wtf is that from?? that is ridiculous. and he said twilight, i got it as a gag gift. and i said oh.

Oi said...

You shuld watch South Park, the "Ungroundable" Episode. It's their take on Twilight. Sanguine Vampires feed off of the life force of others instead of drinking their blood or clamato. hahaha.

I did not even know "Hot Topic" was a real store until recently. where the heck have I been?

Oi said...
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