Monday, December 8, 2008

PS Robot

My oh my, I have had a long weekend of doing absolutely nothing. And who could blame me when the weather outside is so frigid.
Luckily I did do my usual routine of swimming on Sundays despite below freezing temperatures. And I practiced some more selective color in PS.
Not works of art or anything mind-blowingly spectacular, but more practice since I haven't really PS-ed in a while.
Here is Take 2 of the Easter Moon and Gold Fever flowers photo. If you compare the 2 pictures full size, you can really see the difference. (original post was done on 11/26/2008.)

And the rest of these were done in about an hour. haha. Results of speed "shopping".
Plus, I finished Twilight and the draft of Midnight Sun. (Book 5 that will most likely not be completed as the draft was leaked. boo hoo.) Twilight is honestly a pretty good (and entertaining) book for the girls (or guys who enjoy teen romances). I single out the girls, because I honestly don't know any guys who have read this book. Now I am anxiously waiting for the arrival of Breaking Dawn (Book 2 of the saga).

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