Tuesday, October 14, 2008

And in Other Uneventful News...

My eyes are blurry.
Today is another day in which a large number of brain cells could potentially die...

Over the weekend I went to D.C. to see Buckethead and be that annoying tourist taking pictures of really stupid things.
I was reading Ken Rockwell's Photography Blog last week and I remembered that he suggested taking pictures in "Shade" mode even in direct sunlight to get a nice warm and inviting (slightly orange look instead of blueish) look. I think it backfired on me and I got a bunch of dark-orangey photos. Maybe I didn't follow the instructions right. Seems like the powers that be are forcing me to use Photoshop. How dreadful! I'm such a moron when it comes to PS.

So this is what I have so far:

(Some were just too dark because I didn't put the flash on. But flash would have just created super glare. Any suggestions and tips either on photography, photoshop or just random rants are welcome.)


Goaser Chomp said...

Baby no please don't let your brain cells die.

You are not dumb at Ps.

I think its a good idea to document your techniques so you can look back and reference what you did in the past.

Patrick Francisco said...

I like these pics. I missed them on your GIANT flickr upload. Where's the pics of my limo?

Anonymous said...

High five for Photoshop dummies! We should learn together. Teach me!

Your pictures are oisome. Is that not how you wanted them to turn out?