Friday, October 10, 2008

Planning my Escape

Today was an especially uneventful day.
So the thought occurred to me to write down how I can escape being a cube monkey...
But the recession we're in makes is scary to think about finding another job.

Well, here goes anyway...
1. STOP making excuses.
2. Give the resume a make over.
3. Look for jobs that I won't fall asleep doing. (Cause seriously, I've fallen asleep, many times at my current job.)
4. Just jump. Do it. Apply.
5. Don't cry about failing if you didn't even try.

Am I missing anything?


Patrick Francisco said...

Don't forget to stuff your bag with office supplies before you leave. LOL

the omnicollective said...

Oi - the only thing I can think of that you've left off of your list is: hit up the people you know. I try to deny it sometimes, but it really is all about the connections.

I was very hesitant once I got up to the edge and looked down, but I'm so glad I took the leap.

Good luck! And don't look back!