Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cleaning House

I've been doing some Fall cleaning.
One good thing is that I'm taking out the garbage (or as much as I can bear to part with) and making room for an actual work space in my room.
While cleaning, I found an old phone with some photos that bring back memories.

Anatole after one of Pat's shows. He's still wearing his Doodlechimp sticker. What a great friend he is. ;)

Go visit Pat's site for some great artwork.
(BTW, newly posted on the site is a process video on a piece for the APW vinyl art show. Created by Anatole. Check out his work.

Pat's "Jawbreaker" skateboard deck listed at a showing at Think Cafe.

So check out their cool work.


Patrick Francisco said...

Yo Oi! Glad you started one of theses, you definitely have enough material to keep it going. Looking forward to more pics.

Goaser Chomp said...

Ahh Fucking sweet my this page looks great. Keep adding to it!

Patrick Francisco said...

I just realized when looking at that pic... they got my email address wrong in the catalog! Wonder if I missed anything cuz of it.