Friday, November 28, 2008


It's 2 am on Thanksgiving night. Jamming to some Prince music. I am experiencing extreme drowsiness from the long day and all the turkey hormones inducing food coma. But I could not let myself fall asleep before I made a less pathetic attempt at selective color in PS. So here is another picture of some lovely flowers.

And now I can sleep soundly. Good night.

BTW, I started reading Twilight tonight. It's not so bad, but I have high expectations considering all the things I have heard about this book from everyone. I am still on page 3, so the verdict is still out on what I think about Twilight.


yssi said...

nice job on the PS! potter vs. twilight? more like twilight vs. dawson's creek, gossip girl or [insert WB drama here]

can i ask you 5 questions for a post on a 16 Days of Action blog (not mine)? can be over email, and anon if you want. i am trying to interview people with whom i've never had convos about activism before. pls let me know if you can participate

Goaser Chomp said...

Hahaah I like that teen-rage books are a hot topic on the Ihuglion and yssi blogs.

I think you did a great job. There is a definitely noticeable difference in the crispness of the selection. I couldn't see any gray this time in the flower. Good job!