Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Nothing Special

Just to update you all once again on the James Jean Book.
As predicted, the signed Fables Covers book is waaaay sold out on James Jean's website. But that's okay because I went and I bought it on with FREE Super Saver Shipping! That's right. I cheapo-ed out, but I got the book and I will track James Jean down until I get his personalized signature and a picture with him and my infamous cheese grin.
So that is something to look out for on my blog in January.
In the meantime, things have been going slowly in other aspects of life. I haven't been working on any projects, but I did go to a kick-ass show on Saturday, November 15th. The Giraffes, Prime Motivator Record Release Party at the Mercury Lounge. If you didn't hear about it, read all about it on Anatole's Blog.
I have to say that the show was a nice break from all the financial panic happening all around us.

I leave you with random pictures from the weekend.

(Yes, That's Adrien Grenier from Entourage behind Sohail. He was checking out The Giraffes.)


Patrick Francisco said...

Great pics as always. How did Anatole get his head in that plastic butt?

Goaser Chomp said...

oh wow! babe how did, i put my head in her but. That was really cool of you to put the link to sohail's site.

I really like the parrot pictures I think they came out really well. Of course that bird is ugly compared to Volkey.

Oi said...

You have some amazing talents, and apparently shoving your head up a plastic doll's butt is one of them.

Volkey is the devil's spawn. He preys on me everytime I see him.