Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Two in One Day!

I know, I must be on a roll. Two posts in one day.

FYI. I decided NOT to buy the Fables Book...yet.
I thought I would try to get the book at Amazon or at Midtown and save one way or another.
Yes, that $8.75 S&H is a lot in a time of recession.
Then I will bring it to his show on January 10th in NYC and stalk him until he signs my book, "To Oi. With Love, James Jean." LMAO.

Okay, enough nonsense.
I actually wanted to post this link to Keith Olbermann on Prop 8.

Many religious people may think that homosexuality is a "choice". I may be super liberal in saying this, but each individual should have the right to choose what is best for them. So even if homosexuality is a "choice", shouldn't people still have a right to be happy living life the way that they choose?


yssi said...

omg thx for your insight on prop 8. right to choose is the BARE minimum!

Goaser Chomp said...

Babe I'll take Jiu-Jitsu classes and learn how to put James Jean in the arm bar. I'll make him sign anything you want with his free arm.

Prop 8 just shows you we have nothing better to do with our time. Economy? War in Afghanistan?