Friday, November 7, 2008

Picture Extravaganza

I know all of you guys have been on pins and needles waiting for me to upload photos! Cause everyone loves pictures! Not to sound too hokey, but pictures are worth a thousand words. And the blurry/not so good pictures might say 100 words or so.

Everyone hanging out around St. Mark's on Halloween Night.

Cutest Dog in Costume.
Best costume. Look at this guy completely nailing the role of disgruntled clown.
APW Gallery Halloween submissions.

No words needed to explain this...

Obama -Biden Win!
Celebrating with pans, flags and cigarettes on the streets of St. Mark's and 1st Avenue.
Somebody pimping his Obama goodies in Union Square.
An ecstatic fan in Union Square.
This crazy guy climbed on top of this light post in Union Square and knocked one of the bulbs down. Almost knocked another one down in the process of his flag waving. If you're wondering, of course he got arrested.
A hero's welcome for the bearer of good news. Anatole with the "President Obama" headline at 1:00 AM, 11/5/08.

(If you enjoyed the photos of Halloween, you can check more out on my Flickr. If you enjoyed the Obama celebration pictures, check more out on Anatole's Flickr.)


yssi said...

cool pix as always. ty for sharing

that guy totally stole my facepaint/mask idea

mmm jk

Patrick Francisco said...

Awesome pics of Anatole with the paper. We need poster sized prints.

And nice dog costume on your pet lobster.