Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I want this! But do I need it?
No, But it's signed!
Ugh! And shipping is $8.75!
I'm sure the signed copies won't last very long too.
People just love this guy.

So what should I do?!?!?


Patrick Francisco said...

Oh its not that much ya big baby! Ok maybe you don't need a signed copy but you do NEED this book. He's having a solo show here in NY soon - maybe you can stalk him and have it signed there. And don't buy it cuz people love this guy. Buy it cuz I love his stuff and you can let me look at it!

Oi said...

Haha. If I buy it, it's cause I love his stuff too. AND you may peak at my book for a dollar a page. I gotta make the money back somehow.

Goaser Chomp said...

Buy IT FOOL. That is the only sound advice I can give you.